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Sagrada Familia Tours

Terms & Conditions

Travel Insurance

On purchasing tours and services from Sagrada Familia Tours the client enters into an agreement whereby both Sagrada Familia Tours and any of their suppliers are not liable for any unforeseen or extenuating circumstances. Sagrada Familia Tours does not provide travel insurance and strongly advises that clients purchase private travel insurance in advance. Guests’ travel insurance should cover any cancellation or delays owing to extenuating and unforeseen circumstance. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to, travel delays or cancellations, natural calamities and weather conditions, terrorism, war or strike action. Clients are also recommended to purchase medical insurance to cover any medical expenses and ensuing cancellation of services and personal insurance to cover loss or damage of personal belongings.

Exclusion of Liability

Sagrada Familia Tours, under no circumstances, will be liable for any losses or damage, (whether foreseeable, known, unforeseeable, and otherwise), due to: (a) sickness; (b) strikes; (c) pilferage; (d) labor disputes; (e) machinery breakdown; (f) government restraints; (g) hostilities; (h) acts of war; (i) terrorism; (j) weather conditions; (k) acts of nature; (l) seismic events; (m) clauses in local laws.

Clients accept that Sagrada Familia Tours, its respective directors, employees, agents and suppliers shall not be liable for any loss or damage, including but not limited to, any loss or damage to the client’s or other person’s property, or the client’s or other person’s state of health, injury or death, which the client or any other person may suffer or incur during the client’s participation of the tour.

Furthermore, the client holds Sagrada Familia Tours and its respective directors, employees, agents and suppliers harmless from and against any loss, damage, proceedings, demands, claims and other legal costs, fees and expenses resulting from incidents which occur during the client’s participation of the tour.


All content on Sagrada Familia Tours is owned and protected by our Copyright agreement. In order to modify, reproduce, copy, publicize, diffuse or download any of our content you must obtain prior written consent from Sagrada Familia Tours.

Unexpected Closures

Sagrada Familia Tours will aim to notify its clients of any unexpected closures of monuments/sites included in tour itinerary. However decisions to close monuments are made by the administration of the site and Sagrada Familia Tours accepts no responsibility in the case that a client is unable to visit a site including in their tour itinerary for unforeseen circumstances or circumstance beyond our control.

Legal Limitations of Responsibility

Sagrada Familia Tours will endeavor to resolve issues and disputes as based on our Cancellation and Amendment Policy in an equitable and efficient manner. In all events, Sagrada Familia Tours cannot be held liable or responsible for any legal, medical or other costs that may be incurred, whether or not these are due to the timeliness or delay of Sagrada Familia Tours. In all cases, Sagrada Familia Tours shall be legally liable only for the cost of the tour in dispute.

Legal Jurisdiction

Sagrada Familia Tours will endeavor to resolve all issues based on the terms of this Cancellation and Amendment Policy. In the event that an issue cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties, legal jurisdiction will be Italy.