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Barcelona tour guide


I am a Barcelonian, born and raised in the city, from a large family all settled in the same region. I graduated in Tourism and in Geography at the University Autonomic of Barcelona. I enjoy outdoors activities and I have been hiking since I was 7 years old with my parents and a scout’s group. I spent my childhood with my family always nearby (we are 4 siblings) exploring villages and hills in my region. I am passionate about travelling and I’ve already visited 20 countries around the world.


When I was in my early 20s I lived in England, working in a small hotel in Devonshire in order to improve my language skills. Later I worked in southern France in the region of Provence. Finally I spent a few more months in Germany, at Baden-Baden in Swarzwald. On my return to Spain, I spent more than 10 years working in commercial and logistics departments, consulting several companies for the export of their articles. However my challenge for the 21st century was to turn my career to Tourism and to find a more sociable job.


I’ve been working as a private tour guide in Barcelona since then and I already consider myself an expert. I love to explain the gossip and anecdotes, but also the more serious history, traditions and art styles of the sites. I am proud to welcome people from around the world as well as to rediscover our city with locals. I consider the best tour to be one tailored for the individual traveler and always based on personal preferences. I also recommend discovering some of the main sites beyond Barcelona itself.


Now I actually enjoy much more the traditional activities in Spain; sun, sand and beaches, wines and good –slow–food, theater and street venues… I love meeting others, discussing and sharing my interests with people from around the world. Sagrada Familia is the most famous site in Barcelona and it is a unique building, always so beautiful and rich. I also love Montjuic, at any time but especially in the evening to enjoy sunset. And the charming streets of the historical district are full of anecdotes, secrets and plenty of sites to discover.


Barcelona tour guide

Gemma - tour guide

Hi, my name is Gemma. I was born in Barcelona and my parents, grandparents and great grandparents are Catalan, so I come from a long generation living here in this wonderful region. You might say that Catalonia is in my blood!


I have a degree in humanities and media communication, and I worked as a high school teacher, and then in an insurance compan. Four years ago I decided to become a guide. I combine my job as a guide with yoga, as I am studying to become a yoga teacher too.


I love exploring all Barcelona’s narrow streets whilst discovering magical corners. For me the best parts of any city are not the main monuments but the little gems tucked away, just waiting for us to discover together. Even after all this time, I myself am still discovering little things in Barcelona that surprise me - new favorite hang-outs and fun little tales about the city’s past. I would be very happy to show you my city! :)


Barcelona tour guide

laura guide

I was born in Barcelona and I have been a tour guide in the city and the Catalan region for more than 15 years.


I was licensed with the Diploma in Tourism by the University of Girona. I also studied Translation and Interpretation (English, French and German) in the University Autònoma de Barcelona and in the University of Innsbruck, Austria. I was given the Diploma of Proficiency in English language, and I also speak French and German fluently.


Apart from languages, I studied History and Art in different art centers such as the Escola Universitària de Barcelona, Escola de la Dona and the CCCB of Barcelona.


I love my job, and I like showing my city and my region to the clients, I want them to fully enjoy the visit and their trip to Barcelona, always helping them to feel very good and to do my best. Well that's the point, isn't it?


Barcelona Tour Guide

guide ester

From an early age Ester was convinced she wanted to become a tour guide. Having studied Tourism, she spent a 3 year period in Vienna improving her German. Initially she worked as a tour guide with groups of American teenagers traveling through Europe and dovetailed these introductory experiences with other work in the Marketing and International Business sectors. Since gaining her license as an Official Tourist Guide for Barcelona and Catalonia, Ester has been able to combine her passion with her profession and dedicate herself to guiding on a full time basis. She continually adds to her knowledge base through ongoing specialized courses in art and history. Having found her niche, Ester loves sharing her passion with visitors coming to Barcelona and hopes to provide them with an unforgettable experience.


Barcelona Tour Guide

anna guide

Hola! My name is Anna, I was born in Barcelona and I have two university degrees; one in Tourism and another in Social Education. One of my previous jobs was the promotion of Catalan tourism in Germany where I organized trips for travel agents and German journalists in places like La Costa Brava, the Pyrenees and the city of Barcelona. I also worked in the Universal Forum of Cultures 2004, an international event organized by the city council of Barcelona, the regional government (the Generalitat de Catalunya), the Spanish government and UNESCO. I was in charge of coordinating the 8 information centers that informed people of everything related to the event during the entire 141 days. The Forum site received over 3 million visitors.


A few years ago I decided to gather three of my great passions of Barcelona, culture and art and interacting with people. Working as a tour guide is a daily challenge for me I have to be up to date with what is happening in my city, new restaurants, cultural events, exhibitions, etc. Each person or group has specific interests. That means I have to adapt, listen and be attentive to their needs!


I really like to engage with all kinds of people, especially families with children. I connect with them quickly, and one of the reasons is surely because I am also the mother of three young girls. I love to keep their attention telling stories and curious legends, pointing out to them the details that are not seen at first glance…in short to have FUN and ENJOY my hometown, Barcelona.


Barcelona tour guide


My name is Laura and I was born and raised in the Barcelona region. Since I was a student I knew I wanted to become a tour guide. I've travelled and lived in different countries to improve my languages. I am passionate about travelling, so I travel whenever I have an occasion!


I have worked as tour guide for almost 20 years now. To be a tour guide for me is not only a job, but a way of life.


I have a degree in Tourism and a Postgraduate in Cultural Tourism. At his moment I am also studying the Degree of Humanities at the University, and I try to continuously join programs to learn more about our history, art and culture.


I love to be in contact with people from abroad and share with them the Barcelona of Gaudí, Picasso and other artists that have left their footprint here, as well as the history and the hidden spots.


I will help you and your family to enjoy Barcelona and do the most of your stay here!


See you in Barcelona!